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At Venture Cafe, we believe Black Lives Matter and we stand with the movement.Read our full statement, here.


Building Community through Creative Collisions

Our Mission: A Platform for Success

Our mission is to broaden, connect, and support the innovation community through public spaces and programs to help anyone with an idea succeed. Our vision is to connect individuals, communities and organizations into one tightly woven successful innovation ecosystem right here in the Piedmont Triad region.

We believe that…
  • Anyone with an idea has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur or innovator.
  • Relationships are a critical success factor for entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Innovation ecosystems are at their strongest when the largest, varied segments of its population are participating.
  • Equal access to a social support system can strengthen entrepreneurship, communities, and economies.
It all starts with a conversation

Our weekly Thursday Gathering serves as a physical nexus for helping innovators and entrepreneurs find one another and collaborate to bring their dreams to reality. These gatherings provide a space for conversations and scheduled programs to inspire a wide range of attendees from around the world to connect. Think of it as a community living room.

Even in this digital world, it’s important to have a physical space. Shared physical spaces provide common meeting ground and a forum for semi-serendipitous encounters that often foster brainstorming and drive creativity. Meeting in person establishes the trust that’s so crucial to working together, particularly on risky, underfunded projects. As a non-profit, Venture Café can provide the framework upon which numerous experimental “applications” can be nurtured and launched.

Entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, developers, artists, educators, designers and other members of the Piedmont Triad startup community drop in to chat about what they’re working on. Attendees are asked to act in line with our Community Credo. The Café is open to everyone in the community who come to contribute and not sell. Stop by to try it out -we look forward to welcoming you on Thursdays!

Venture Café actively welcomes participants without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, military service, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability. Venture Café reserves the right to refuse admission at our discretion.