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Generation Innovation Tour


Join us as for an exploration of innovation through the lenses of different generations.

Meet innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs that span the ages: from youth to seniors. We will learn, share, and grow together, celebrating an innovation community that engages and uplifts every citizen.

One of our core beliefs at Venture Café is that Innovation ecosystems are at their strongest when the largest, most varied segments of its population are participating.

This diversity applies not only to race, culture, and business sector but also to age and stage of life. Experiences over our lifespan, world events, and cultural trends impact how we ideate, create and collaborate.

If we can come together across generations to understand and learn from each other, these differences can become our strength.

Let’s begin the journey together!

Mentoring + Office Hours: 3pm-5pm | Social Connections: 5pm-8pm | Programming: 6pm-8pm