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North American Tech Tour with Results Junkies

August 15-17 | Three Days of Ideas, Insight & Investors

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Paul Singh is on a mission. He is criss-crossing America, connecting with startup entrepreneurs from across the nation. He’ll be stopping in cities like Shreveport, Pittsburgh, Tulsa, St. Louis and, as of this August, Winston-Salem.

The veteran entrepreneur and VC investor will be spending several days in the Twin City as part of the Results Junkies North America Tech Tour.

Paul, one of the original three partners of 500 Startups, knows more than just a little bit about startups. In the last five years, he’s flown over 500,000 miles circling the globe. A startup founder himself, he’s been on both sides of the table and “has had his fair share of both successful exits and struggles past proof of concept.” That explains his enormous following by founders and investors alike.

Winston-Salem Pit Stop
Venture Cafe Winston-Salem is excited to host the Results Junkies on their Winston-Salem pit stop, providing another powerful way for us to support local startups in our community. The team from Results Junkies will offer support, guidance and get deeply involved in the local scene through a week-long series of events and programs. The visit includes free office hours, tours of local incubators/coworking spaces with local innovators, investor dinners, workshops and pitch sessions.

Event Registration
Check out the awesome events we have planned for the tour and get registered. All events are free and open to the public. However, space is limited, so make sure you reserve your spot(s). Click here for registration.

For those of you who will be looking to schedule office hours with Paul during the Results Junkies visit, we’ve gathered some resources that will give you a leg up in your preparation. Here’s some things we sugggest you do before (and after) you apply for office hours.

  • Before you apply: Read Paul’s blog post, “How to Raise Money (from me) in 2017”
    Get straight-talk and advice on ways to stand out when pitching your venture to him. Definitely read this before you apply for office hours!
  • Attend the “Venture-Wise, Investor-Ready” Series
    Look out for sessions at our Thursday Gatherings from July 13 – August 10 |  Funding experts and local venture-funded companies will give you remarkable insight into exactly what investors are looking for. If you have a growing business with product(s) and services in market, customers and traction and are ready to scale (or hope to be soon)… then this series is for you! Click here to see the upcoming sessions.
  • Get Paul’s FREE 11-Day email course
    Paul has heard thousands of pitches and invested in the best of them. Sign-up for this free course and he’ll share the best tips with you.
  • Read Paul’s blog post, “Get to $1,000 First.”
    In this helpful post, Paul share’s the importance for startups of getting to at least $1000/month in revenue before seeking major funding and why it’s your first step to a successful venture.