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Why We’re Asking You to Join Our Innovation Cohort (7-23-18)

Working in silos is a notoriously slow and ineffective way to create synergies – aligning and collaborating is a much more powerful tool. That’s why we’re asking you – as one of the area’s corporate citizens – to consider joining our first Innovation Cohort.

So what is an Innovation Cohort and why should you invest? This group of leaders will learn from one another and provide guidance and momentum to our local efforts. You will truly engage with regional entrepreneurs and innovators to advance your company’s initiatives as well as the transition to a knowledge economy.

Here are four reasons why you should consider this strategic investment.
1. You’ll enjoy local activation and global connections. Through the growing Venture Cafe Global network, you’ll have access to other innovators and a yearly summit where you’ll learn from other pioneers. You’ll tackle pressing issues like talent attraction and retention as well as change management.
2. You’ll start to disrupt your procurement process by partnering with local entrepreneurs and making strategic investments in new solutions. These aren’t charitable investments, these are growth opportunities. How are you looking for new sources of ideas and revenue?
3. Innovation thrives when there’s critical mass. Help accelerate the pace of change by helping to create our first innovation cluster. Help define our region’s centers of excellence to attract more investment and recruiting.
4. Become truly embedded in the expansion of our local innovation districts. Engage with leaders to shape the vision of what’s next and imagine what’s possible.

We’re looking for 6-8 companies to step up and own this opportunity. If you’re ready to lead the way, if you’re ready to invest your time and treasure to make the Triad more Innovation-Ready, email Karen Barnes at and say I’M READY!